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Has anyone tried The Botanist? Our local stores just started carrying it, and I'm very intrigued... But it's $58 versus $28 for Bombay, pretty steep to go in blind.
In Vancouver you'll be a 30 minute walk from the South Granville area, which has a high concentration of art galleries.
In Ottawa - check out the Byward Market area for nightlife. If I remember correctly from my brief time in Ottawa, that was where the majority of the bars and night related activities took place.
I generally tip 15%-20%. Bump it up to 25% if the service is excellent, but typically not higher than that. Down to 10% if the service is bad, or lower if it's exceptionally poor. This may be a bit of a regional issue, but... Do you tip on the pre-tax amount of the post-tax amount? I tip on the post-tax amount, but sales tax here is 12%. So my tip ends up being 28%-34% of the pre-tax amount. I think this is the 'correct' way to do things, but I've always wondered. Now in...
For the Canadians out there... Since we didn't make the world list, at least we can have our own list BC and Ontario topping the list with 17 apiece.
Follow up to last week's post... Results of the mint infused rum. It changed the colour of the rum a lot more than I had expected, and a little more brown than green than I would have liked. I was originally only going to leave it for 3-4 days, but ended up being busy and left it for a week.
Mojitos with mint infused rum and lime simple syrup.
Summer Stock Up Bombay Sapphire (...for Gin & Tonics) Mount Gay Eclipse Silver (...for Mojito's) Corona (...for the Patio) Coors Light (...for Golf) Going to infuse the rum with Mint.
Cocktail: 1 oz Gin (Bombay) 1 oz Dry Vermouth 1 oz Triple Sec Juice of half a lime. Dash orange bitters. Shaken over ice. I really enjoyed it. My girl enjoyed (less than me) but said she probably would not have more than one. Followed by: 1.5 oz Cuban Rum Juice of quarter lime. Two lime wedges Topped with Coke. Never actually added lime juice to the mixture before... Interesting, but I think I prefer it without the added lime juice.
Quite often I'll put just one or two dashes of Angostura Orange Bitters in my Bombay G&T... It's nice when you keep it subtle.
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