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Quote: Originally Posted by starcrash Almost every measurement is off. This suit would need some serious tailoring or maybe you can sell it and try to get the fit better next time. I will vouch for Jason staying behind his product. His patience and ability to diagnose issues are excellent. His customer service skills are tops in the business and he will always work with you to ensure you are satisfied. I have a weird shoulder that is causing...
Yes, Google Checkout will send you an email saying that your order has shipped. There is no shipping tracking, but I live on the East Coast and have found that my orders arrive 4-5 days after receiving the email.
I also love the idea of the shirts. Keep us posted.
Darkened brass is a good alternative to gold if you want a more understated look with your blazer.
3-2 roll ok, peak lapels not so much when dealing with conservative clients working buttons purely up to you pick stitching always ok straight flap good no ticket pocket for clients dual vents fine pleats and cuffs up to you, but tradition dictates pleats and cuffs if client based wardrobe custom lining should be tasteful hope this helps. i gave my opinion based on the assumption of a conservative client.
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