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Measurements please?
Are the sleeves alterable (aka does it have surgeons cuffs?)
Thank you. Seems like if it's a lightweight wool, that would pair well with the linen. The silk then gives it some wrinkle resistance?
Good point. I'm just trying to understand the mechanics behind it. It seems alot of these are for spring and summer, but I was trying to reconcile the combo in my mind. Thanks for the help.
Hi all, What exactly is the point of a 34% wool, 33% silk, 33% linen blend? Is it for summer or winter? At first glance it has 2 fabrics which hold heat in and then another which is airy. It just seems like a big contradiction. I was doing a forum search and could not find an adequate answer to the question. Thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by muffintop You can contact Jason directly through his website re: any visits to NYC. He was very responsive to my emails when I bought my suit earlier in the year. +1 for him being responsive. his customer service is virtually unmatched
Hi all. I was wondering if someone could provide for me an idea of what each price level of cloth corresponds to quality wise to RTW shirt makers. For instance, are the 69.99 comparable to BB or below BB quality? Thank you.
Hi all, I'm headed to NYC for a one day trip on Sunday. I was wondering if any New Yorkers could give me some hints on where I should go shopping up at NYC on a Sunday Afternoon. To give you an idea of where my budgets are, I'd be looking at essentially BB price levels or below. I'd be interested also in places to look at shoes like AE, Alden, and British makers that might have a sale (Saks off 5th?). Just want to make the most of my little expedition. Thank you!
Quote: Originally Posted by bondy_112 Thanks. It looks good, the herringbone looks great too its a shame its sold out. Any idea of the price difference for the Super 140 fabrics? I would contact Jason (Get Smart) directly. Prices are extremely reasonable and he's a great person to work with. He'll do just about anything to get issues sorted out.
Quote: Originally Posted by bondy_112 First post here. Thanks everyone who has posted pictures and advice in this thread, especially Get Smart. Graduating shortly so will be looking getting my first TaT suit soon. 2 button charcoal conservative, nothing that will be too fashion forward for interviews. Can anyone recommend what fabric, and full or half lined, I should be considering for Melbourne weather? Where even the coldest daytime temp in...
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