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PM sent @Ironist.
First 2 shell cordovan deliveries:
First 2 shell cordovan deliveries from the International X Aus group buy:
Very nice @wurger
Blake rapid uses the mid-sole as a welt to sitich the outsole to the shoe. The midsole is leather and it is a stitched connection. This is contrasted against goodyear welt's plastic/canvas gemming glued onto a mostly leatherboard (composite of leather offcuts and adhesive) insole. The outsole in goodyear welt is stitched to the glued plastic/canvas gemming.
Those are from Bonaudo although Illcea is already supplying some museum calf colours.As far as I know, Illcea will again solely supply the museum calf once the current stock is exhausted.
I know how you feel. Will keep you posted.
International X Aus group buy. Brown museum.
Moar deliveries...
Yes, exactly. Italian model 117 with options.
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