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@luxire Forthcoming Boxing Day sales for the members in the Commonwealth?
@NYDRH cheers. Very glad it worked out.
Good price.
Price drop
Goot Vasssh ^. Me like vey vey much
PM sent @ThunderMarch. PM me for info on Kangaroo leather Vash.
Kangaroo leather - Free range and wild leather. Sourced and processed in Australia. MTO and built by the artisanal cordwainers of Vass shoes in Hungary. Chukkas and high boots have a modest upcharge. Current colours: Cognac 'museum' Cherry brown Chocolate Built examples: 'Museum' cognac kangaroo Black Kangaroo
Unprettied Vass boots. Regular once-a-week wear for a few years. 'Museum' cognac kangaroo Black Kangaroo
SOLD. Thank you SF.
Cheers @NAMOR. That might have been Brian's IG I think. I am happy to take more photos if anyone is interested.
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