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the team shop will probably just warranty it and i'll get to pick a new bike
So today during sprint practice, I went super saiyan and f'ing went over 9000 on my bike check it steel frame, only a couple months old
i dunno if someone has already made one of these, but i am drunk as shit. so much BP and shots it's crazy. and i gotta wake up in 7 hours for cycling practice. that'll be fun. shit. college is awesome edit: oh shit i meant to post this in DT, my bad
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Made me think of this: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/06/garden/06books.html That is completely douchey. Having thousands of books just for aesthetics, many aren't even real books or are just generic repeats! That's one of the most classless things I could think of.
dented my frame in 2 spots tonight after getting into a crash during crit practice =/ and fucked up my right shifter when i landed on it
I think if we compiled pictures of all of mcarthur's Aldens, we would have the entire Alden cordovan line up.
Went out today with the UCSD bike team and had a blast. http://www.sportstracklive.com/track...ing/Ucsd/93063
this is prime material for a parody threak
Got my 105 pedals today; they are super awesome. I had no trouble at all clipping in and out of them and the difference is amazing compared to regular pedals.
I threw the nade across the map and it hit the guy on the head
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