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got 5th out of 40 in collegiate D at Red Trolley crit today
Maybe this is part of the reason why they moved my uncle Mike Carlin to Burbank...
46 miles, average pace ~21 mph, ~3500 feet of gain for those familiar with the san diego area, after 40 miles i still made it up Torrey Pines in under 7 minutes
there's a new spartacus episode on netflix
Nice, we should have some people going up to Davis for the race, but I won't be able to make it. Davis people will probably come down for Boulevard from what I've heard.
great episode, rather disappointed that they took off streaming for season 1 on netflix
That's a great looking bike and shot. I just won a new frame on ebay, a Ridley Pegasus. Our first race is on Feb 5th, Boulevard race, and the day after we have another, Red Trolley crit.
I love the gem and mineral room in the Natural History Museum in LA, the Getty is very nice too. And, as a Pasadena local, I have to recommend the Huntington and Norton Simon
I'm running a fully functional Gingerbread ROM right now and I'm loving it. It's so much faster and more sleek than Froyo and the ROM has some sick animations and Cyanogen elements.
the team shop will probably just warranty it and i'll get to pick a new bike
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