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57 miles, 2300 ft of climbing, averaged 19.1 mph edit: and another 32 miles today edit2: and another 25 miles with my friend after i just got back from my first ride
My handling skills are actually fine, I just have shitty luck. I've actually only crashed twice, once during crit practice about 3 months ago and yesterday. The incident with my bike being destroyed was actually a testament to my handling skills seeing that I was able to stay up after my rear wheel locked up going 30+. The problem with my rear wheel was that I used a really shitty tube when I replaced my flat a couple days ago and during the Saturday group ride I went...
did 45 miles today, went down to Fiesta Island and did 3 time trial pace laps. On my way back, I crashed when I took a turn too fast, skidded on sand, then got stuck in the crack between 2 concrete slabs and ate shit.
rode 33 miles yesterday, 12 of them was a practice time trial course and i averaged 23.7 mph, the rest was a warm up and cooldown getting to and from the place
46 miles today, riding off my drunkness. Averaged about 20 mph. Also flatted and my rear rim is pretty trashed now
Good stuff. I would have waited until the new all black version, though.
Stunning, but a Bianchi needs celeste and Campy haha
Quote: Originally Posted by roundabout Got my C's upgrade, Cat 4 upgrade is currently pending, though I don't see why it wouldn't be approved. Anyway, fingers crossed! I'm probably upgrading to C's after the Santa Cruz weekend, not sure when ill do 4's. I could technically go to C's now though
60 miles, about 6500 climbing
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