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nudies are notorious for having poor dye retaining qualities, but i dont know much about sulfer dyed stuff, i would maybe soak them and add fragrances or scents to the water
didnt see if anyone mentioned this, but rising sun opened in old town pasadena, i've taken several pairs to be hemmed, my PBJs and APCs, without asking they saved the denim from the PBJs but their chain stitching machine must have been broken or somethin when they hemmed my PBJs cuz they gave me the loosest chain stitch and it actually dropped a stitch, but on the APCs it was spot on, it was 16$ for a hem and they said 50$ish for a...
sorry if this has been answered, but does this student discount i have been reading about apply just to college students or high school too?
get these for christmas! 100 shipped!
released last summer vansxwtaps bash S comes in OG box w/ dust bag and extra laces looking for 100 + shipping conus, price is flexible and i consider trades in shoe size 11-11.5, jeans in waist 33-34, other clothing in medium/large im in Pasadena, CA and i take paypal or cash, local pick ups are ok, if you need more info PM me
the top button is on a swivel
Quote: Just be careful how low you go. "It's getting pretty close to being a vest as it is," Polk points out. "It's, like, another three inches and that's a vest, motherfucker." i lol'd
why do they look indigo and have honeycombs...
15-33 prob means 15 neck 33 arm length
im selling the slim fits in 32x32 if anyone wants
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