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I think this past episode was my favorite, but season 1 was better here's a streaming link to it if anyone hasn't seen it
Anybody want to buy a Fizik Cyrano alloy seatpost? I accidentally bought it off ebay thinking it was the carbon version. It's brand new 2011 Fizik Cyrano seatpost 31.6, 400mm, 15mm SB 70$ + shipping takes it, retails for like 125$
It may be rather generic, but of all that I've played, my favorites are: Bach Beethoven Tchaikovsky Mozart toss up between Paganini and Strauss Currently working on the Bach Chaconne and Beethoven Violin Concerto
this stuff is AWESOME sick playlists for cycling, my favorite is the march 2011 track
had a pretty decent game after not playing for a couple months, 40-4 in hardcore nuketown demolition
70 miles with my friend from UCSD to Camp Pendleton. Averaged 20 mph
No underwear with cycling shorts. That can only lead to more pain and suffering.
The general rule of thumb is that if you straddle the top tube of the bike, it should be just below touching your crotch. Go talk to some guys at a bike shop and they'll figure out what size you are. I'm 5'11" with a 31ish inseam and I ride a 55/56 size frame
Craigslist is a great place for an entry level bike. For 500-600$ you can get previous year model bikes at deeeep discounts used. Cycling shorts are extremely recommended for longer rides because you will get sore. Clipless pedals or toe straps also increase your efficiency dramatically, although it takes some practice getting in and out of them. Decent helmets can be had for around 50$ and sunglasses are a good idea too. Cycling jerseys are nice but aren't totally a...
57 miles, 2300 ft of climbing, averaged 19.1 mph edit: and another 32 miles today edit2: and another 25 miles with my friend after i just got back from my first ride
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