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Return of The King is still close to #1 on my list, but then again, I'm a huge LoTR nerd
16 miles 2400 feet of climbing yesterday. It was hill repeats day. Now I'm prepping for barrio Logan tomorrow
I just got my Shimano r315 road shoes, and they are the most comfortable road shoes I have ever worn and are extremely stiff. I love the carbon sole and they look awesome. I'm still debating whether I'll do the heat molding, but I'm going to be using them tomorrow at our conference race weekend up in Stanford. also got them for a great price, 250 off of 380
got a pair of brand new GP4000's from my friend for 15$. only downside is that they're bright yellow, but who cares at that price also got 4th at cyclovets cat 5
I like to keep it kinda simple now
Quote: Originally Posted by roundabout Hey, I was there too! Missed my start for the TTT due to a wrong turn while pre-riding the course with our teams, ended up doing the TTT then starting the road race 5 minutes later. Pro tip: Don't get embrocation you're allergic to on the back of your knees during a road race, makes it difficult to, uh, bend your leg (ie. pedal). C's crit went well until a crash occurred on the last corner of the last lap, ruining...
old shoes broke so I got these jacket from bonktown these should go well with our socks, Sockguy is a great sponsor and makes awesome stuff
Got 1st place this weekend at the ucsb road race collegiate d, also got a prime in the crit Officially upgrading now
seatpost is for sale too, 31.6 400mm 15mm SB alloy, PM if you're interested
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