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trying the Glenlivet (which I do like more than the Macallan now) Incredibly smooth compared to what I'm used to. Definitely like this.
Liking it so far. I've only opened the Macallan, but I think this will work out well. I don't have very developed taste buds, but I definitely tell that it's sweeter and maybe tasting some honey. It is still a bit harsh though.
Wound up getting a Macallan 10 year fine oak (they didn't have the 12 year), Glenlivet 12 year, and Glenfiddich 12 year. They didn't have the Laphroaig so I decided to try speysides first and go from there. Also got a glencairn glass since they were only 10 bucks. They seemed like decent choices as starters and I know they're pretty much the most commonly found cheaper scotch.
Thanks for the overview! I definitely prefer the Jameson over Jack Daniels which led me to want to try scotch. I'm also considering getting a bottle of Makers Mark or Knob Creek to see if I'm just being put off by the taste of Jack Daniels as a generalization of bourbon. I was interested in the peaty and smoky taste of the Laphroaig and how it's pretty much the complete opposite of the sweeter, honeyish(?) Macallan because I wanted to try different ends of the...
I'm about to buy my first bottles of scotch and am looking at Macallan 12 year and Laphroaig 10 year. As a college student, I mostly drink Jack Daniels and cheap Jameson and am not sure what to expect. I hope I like what I find. Actually, after reading through more of this thread, it seems that many do not recommend the Laphroaig as a beginner scotch, any other ideas?
my new ride (actually just new frameset and wheels, swapped everything over from my old bike) waiting to get fitted before I cut the steer tube
just ordered a bunch of Capo clothing, i love my employee discount also, i've heard reports of a di2 charge lasting well over 1500 miles, but i suppose you can only take them at face value
decided to sell my current bike to fund a new one if anyone is interested thought I'd give a heads up size 56 Ridley Pegasus (hydroformed deda aluminum frame, effective 57.5 top tube) with 2010 SRAM Force except for Shimano Tiagra brakes with an FSA SL-K carbon 15mm setback seatpost, 110mm -17 degree 3T stem, Reynolds Ouza Pro handlebars, Neuvation m28 wheels, Fizik Arione CX saddle, etc.
did you see the video of Horner when he got in, didn't even know where he was or what was happening sucks for Sky also with Wiggins out i'm pleasantly surprised that Thor has been able to hang onto the yellow for so long, although he'll probably lose it tomorrow
Quote: Originally Posted by Frank Tango What are the top/seat tube measurements (ctc) of that? It's a 56 but it's actually ~57.5 ETT which i did not know when i got it off ebay, but it still worked out I'm working at my LBS this summer so I'll probably buy a new bike in a couple months the Ridley is also all Force now
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