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new race bike
Got a Macallan 12 and I must say, it's probably my favorite so far with the Glenfiddich 12 next, then the Glenlivet 12 and then the Macallan 10 Fine Oak. Still deciding on the Laphroaig, but I'm starting to like it; it's totally different from these speysides, and it's kind of refreshing.
Is it realistic to alter the waist on a pair of jcrew cotton bowery pants? I have a pair that fits me perfectly except the waist is maybe 2-3 inches too big so a belt tightened to the right amount bunches up the fabric. I have cyclist sprinter legs so my thighs and calves are bigger in proportion to my waist.
everything is all dialed in. this is what i'll be racing on this season (collegiate and hopefully getting my 3's upgrade) sz 54 caad10 sram force selle italia turbomatic saddle cannondale c2 carbon post deda servizio corse -12 degree 110mm 3t ergonova pro 42 arundel cork bartape (might switch for lizard skin later for more grip) dura ace 7900 clinchers w/ shwalbe ultremo zx (might swap for pro4's or open corsa cx/sc's) arundel mandible carbon cages cateye v3
Just the label and what I gathered about the taste from this thread haha. I didn't expect it to be so true; but even if I hadn't read about it, I think that would still be my initial impression.
It reminds me of a foggy, gloomy day.
I tried the Laphroaig 10. I opened the bottle and took a sniff and it was like BAM all up in my face. The flavor is so strong I don't even notice the taste of alcohol. The taste of peat and smoke and the sea (for lack of a better adjective) was intense. Not sure if I like it or not yet. I think it'll take some time to decide.
watched Bunraku on netflix last night
UC San Diego, 2nd year Management Science B.S.
I'm only a second year college student, but I tried to make my black tie as proper as I could with my given resources. I put this ensemble together my senior year of high school with intent to use it for prom, concerts (I play the violin), and other black tie events. While I wanted to go with traditional aesthetics, I did not want to be too old school. I went with a Thick as Thieves MTM tuxedo with traditional features (single button, no vent, satin facing on lapels and...
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