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The Aeon was great, but I've had 2 of them so far and wanted to try something new. They're very light and fit a bit wider so I could go with a medium, but I didn't really like how it sat higher up on the forehead. As for the shoes, my feet are too wide for the regular sidi ergo 3's and I already have a pair of the r315's heatmolded and they fit perfectly. My current pair is worn out and I just need to replace them.
crash replacement for my giro aeon and my favorite shoes
30 miles in just under an hour and a half, first time back on the bike after getting hit by a car a couple weeks ago. luckily my injuries weren't too severe. have a couple new scars on my knee and a sprained AC joint but it's mostly healed now
anyone know if these are a good buy for $320?§ioncolor=§ionsize=#null considering getting a pair in brown for casual wear
Looking for a size 11D in snuff suede preferably
Get a Baum.
many people were angry over the fact that Cannondale changed their manufacturing from the US to Taiwan and believed that the quality would go down, when in fact it's actually gone up. I have a caad10 and love it (my second caad10 actually), I could care less where it was made as long as it performs and lasts. I think the only fault people could find was that the welds weren't ground down and smoothed out as much as the previous generation caads.
could probably get a Lynskey Cooper for around $3000, handmade titanium in the US or look for an older Caad9 which were made in the US, but the Caad10 is better even though it's made in Taiwan
my average ride I do 3-5 times per week is ~46 miles, 1500 ft climbing, average 20-21mph (basically z2/3 with z5 sprints in there) I don't plan on racing too much more this season so I enjoy riding up and down the coast now sprinting/TTing on weekends I mix it up a little with the local group A ride or longer route w/ more climbing
welds seem to have been smoothed down a bit, they're definitely not raw welds
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