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went to Robeks to get a smoothie and on my way home I noticed that the girl who made it wrote her number on the cup for me. also looking forward to state track champs this weekend since I set a new PR on my flying kilo and I have a good shot at winning
the mountain stages are pretty epic with the climbs and descents. I must admit it's hard to watch full broadcast races if you're not really into cycling... track racing is more exciting for spectating but road is way more fun to actually race
jcrew navy lambswool eternal 811xbig clarks suede db
happy new years
bombay gin and tonics, on vacation in Tahoe for the week =)
turned 21 the other day. first legal purchases: Macallan 18, Aberlour 16, and a Macallan 12. going to save the 18 as a special bottle and work on the other two.
post ride, have to get a new rear tire as this one has worn through. currently on vittoria evo sc's, going to get veloflex arenbergs next with black sidewalls also got another jersey, i have the black jersey and bibs, so now I can mix the matching white jersey with black bibs
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