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second markdown are happening soon on pretty much all shoes that have been already reduced.
Cotton socks from gap. Target brand Merona sport shirts. I don't know what it is about those shirts, but they fit me the best and and have usually non-obnoxious colors. for the current season.
i would let the weather of the day decide whether or not linen is acceptable. you don't want to wear it like the post above me.
still here. pm me
the online site sells stuff fast. they do not have a lot of inventory to begin with. Most of the time people make an order and it cannot get fulfilled online so they have to find it in stores.
Yes we charge local sales tax of where the item is going.
I usually put stuff on here during sale time. but can't put directly sales orders, only doing as PSA's
Blue Lanvin Low>? Then that was me. Quote: Originally Posted by dswang If this is the same person I talked with this morning, then he is a sales associate in Men's shoes at the SF Barney's. He went to the extra trouble of calling other stores for something in my size, and actually called me back. Heck of a lot better customer service than I get at some other places.
Those have already been marked down in our store.
Tomorrow dec. 3 Barneys will be marking down more designer shoes like Lanvin, Raf, and others. Just a heads up for everybody. This goes along for clothing that has not been marked down yet. Get it while its around.
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