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I think Mac is great as minimalistic approach. Is this about Mac OS vs Windows vs Gnome vs. Kde vs whatever? or is it about the hardware? For hardware the parts are almost the same. Some of the other brands (sony, NEC, etc) has stylish and great cases/pacakages/support too. I have had a old G5 Power and the case is excellent and first class, but it's not like there's no comparison in PC. Laptop i would probably go Panasonic/NEC > Lenovo > Mac > Sony> Toshiba if it's...
Quote: They reached for knives after a disagreement over how long frozen Pizza Pops should be cooked in a microwave oven. Would have been much less weird if they just reach for guns. Knives are hard to come by. Quote: Originally Posted by montecristo#4 Canadians. haha especially these maritimers.
Don't try to wear something that is not meant for you.
If you are doing it at multiple places, make sure it looks good on low quality screens. Keeping things simple and clean, not too much texture details, etc..
That's a fucking nice ride.
Quote: Originally Posted by GreenFrog For "white" clothing, I thought about ralph lauren or american apparel. Unisex toiletry --> possibly sunblock? chapstick? high culture --> wine? low culture --> chinese food?
Quote: Originally Posted by loveswatching I just got a mental picture of the LOLcat... Hilarious! and the joke is on the patient lol not the surgeon
It would be kinda bad to bring in with such visual branding like monogram anyhow lol. Quote: Originally Posted by shuuy It's like showing up at GM in a Toyota... I know most ppl at the dealerships do not driver their brand, especially when owner own dealership across unrelated brands. Maybe those desperate UAW workers would get them with the deep employee discount.
Quote: Originally Posted by who8mahrice ^I've never seen branded stuff from Dell/HP/Sony for cheaper. Then again, I've never been on the lookout for power supplies as in your example, so I could definitely be wrong. But from what I've looked at, brands seem to charge more for the convenience of having everything you need right in front of you, rather than having to take time out to learn what parts you need, what parts you want, and what each model...
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Ewwwwwww, fighting? I'm a pussy. I don't want to get punched. Maybe after getting punch once, you will love it too!
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