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I have been having a lot of trouble getting on the site the last week or two. When it loads, it loads very slowly, but mostly not at all. Anyone else having issues? If so, I think we should start a pool to upgrade the hardware.
What is an acceptable amount of time after sending someone a PayPal invoice that remains unpaid to release the item to the next person in line?
Quote: Originally Posted by TC (Houston) Ralph should go a ahead and adopt this as the model name. By coincidence, I actually wore this jacket today. Good luck with your sales. Sorry for koping your name to boost my sales, your proceeds are in the mail drops and updated status
that was a thoroughly enjoyable 20 minutes of wasted time. good riddance.
where do I cash my 12-1 Vox puppet bet?
Has about 1,000 shots on it, max. $250 shipped to your door in original box.
Quote: Originally Posted by sm1810 12) Brunello Cuccinelli Shirt, XL (is more like a 16.5ish), blue stripe BD, sweet, worn 5ish times. -- SOLD send me paypal info thx Quote: Originally Posted by distinctive bastard count me 2nd in line Quote: Originally Posted by Achilles_ Arrrrrrrrrrr! Sorry guys - this went like 10 minutes after I posted the thread last night - if it...
1) RLPL "TC Houston" Jacket. 100% Linen, double vents, ticket pocket, sewn on sleeve buttons, worn twice, awesome. 44L, but as with most RLPL, fits more like a regular. SOME DOUCHEBAG BACKED OUT, SO NOW$160 c: 22.75 b: 19.75 s: 24 l: 31.5 2) Burberry suit, a few years old, but only worn a few times. 2 button, single vent, pleated pants with 1.5 inch cuffs. brown on brown plaid. 44L. CHEAP, buy it youngster. DROP TO $40 c: 23 b: 20 s: 24.5 l: 33.5 pw:...
lock it up paypal on the way
late entry, too many fucking meetings!
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