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Quote: Originally Posted by pscolari Booked my tee times for my trip to Palm Springs this week. I figure I can most likely play 3 rounds Wed-Sun early mornings. I am planning on playing at Desert Willow - Firecliff, Westin - Dye, and Silver Rock. I played in Palm Springs this past weekend and it was COLD in the AM, FYI...when I went off on Saturday AM at around 7 it was in the 40s...
didn't I already buy this one? if this is another one, bump for a sweet coat - my tailor was shocked when I told him how much I paid for it - he kept commenting on how beautiful the cloth is...
Yes, anytime you have the opportunity to give the biggest sporting event in the world to a country with no football traditional at all, no stadiums, 125 degree temps in the summer, and a population smaller than that of the San Gabriel Valley in LA, you just cannot pass on it. A real no brainer. Will Inez Sainez have to wear a burqa on the sidelines? What a fucking joke.
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido Shirt #3 from new tailor major bukake...looks like your new tailor gave you a (mother of) pearl necklace.
you like it, the vacation beard? corduroy and silk beer and suede
A fun visit to the Armoury this week - Alan is a great guy and super helpful - was even tolerant of young King Kong here trying his best to destroy the store! If you are in HKG, definitely stop buy and pick up some Carminas...beauties for sure... Starting them young... ...Dad's spoils - Carmina suede wholecuts
44 but is RLPL and fits trim
DROPS and sales updated because of major douchejuice.
Quote: Originally Posted by GBR No problems at all so need to waste money on servers. Look closer to home. Good point, my 20 MBPS connection and custom Alienware M15X with i7 940 XM processor must be the problem. Jackass.
okay, so it's not just me. I'll throw this out there mods, I'm totally serious when I say that I will donate cash money to upgrade whatever needs upgrading and I'm sure the other 20 or so people who aren't giant douches would too... Style Fovum Plus+, like Hulu Plus+, only more gay.
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