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Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan 2004 Lexus ES 330 (Millenium Silver with black leather interior and Mark Levinson/Nav sound system. It's been a fantastic car. I just put Kumho Ecsta Platinum tires on it for the first time and like. I have had Michelin MXV4s for a while they don't last much past 22k miles. just as I suspected, you must be at least 70. I don't think I've ever seen someone under 70 in an ES
2010 Insights: - Suede shoes are my favorite shoes - You can never have too many watches - You can never have too many socks - HK tailor relationship is a constantly evolving one, with slight improvements each time - Gary in Beverly Hills in the best tailor in LA - Dressing my son is as fun as dressing myself - It's best to always dress 1 level above your clients, never 3-4 levels above - I never wear ties - I love flannel - A black PTB with a Danite sole is the...
More Drops
yep, about a 12.5D. also, price drop
this shit is going to goodwill tomorrow. JUST PAY ME SOME FUCKING SHIPPING AND I WILL SEND YOU THIS SHIT!!! 3) Calzoliera Harris black split toe, made in Italy. Size US12. Bought from Barney's, worn maybe 10 times. With box and bag, no trees. Made for poppin' bottles son. $15
Quote: Originally Posted by montecristo#4 FWIW, you can't live like a muthafuckinpimp on just $250k. because after taxes, in california, it's actually $120K
Except the new X3 has the N55 engine and will eat this shit for lunch
Quote: Originally Posted by rjakapeanut if 95%+ people believe something to be true...it's true. like when the world was flat?
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