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Anybody have any experience with this beast? I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on a 2008 with less than 20K miles on it, but am worried a bit about reliability and potentially astronomical repair costs. Any thoughts / experiences with this particular car or other AMGs for that matter?
I live in the US...and I'm traveling with a big client who is a huge Man U fan in London on the weekend of the 15th...low and behold they play the Spurs at White Heart Lane on Sunday - a great chance for me to get some major major gold stars. Obviously this is sold out, but I have a corporate card that is ready and willing. What is the best way for me to get legit tickets for the match? thanks!
just pay shipping and these are yours...
i have a gently used S90 if you are interested....200ish
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan 2004 Lexus ES 330 (Millenium Silver with black leather interior and Mark Levinson/Nav sound system. It's been a fantastic car. I just put Kumho Ecsta Platinum tires on it for the first time and like. I have had Michelin MXV4s for a while they don't last much past 22k miles. just as I suspected, you must be at least 70. I don't think I've ever seen someone under 70 in an ES
2010 Insights: - Suede shoes are my favorite shoes - You can never have too many watches - You can never have too many socks - HK tailor relationship is a constantly evolving one, with slight improvements each time - Gary in Beverly Hills in the best tailor in LA - Dressing my son is as fun as dressing myself - It's best to always dress 1 level above your clients, never 3-4 levels above - I never wear ties - I love flannel - A black PTB with a Danite sole is the...
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