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PM sent - I'll take them
I'll take these: Marcoliani/Calzificio Italiano Navy and medium blue Orange and brown argyle
Can you post a sole measurement, thanks
Can you post a sole measurement? thanks
Stopped by NM Last Call at the state line on my way home from vegas and found some great deals. 50% off lowest marked price on suits and sportcoats. They had a bunch of great stuff from Brioni, Zegna, Isaia, Kiton, Oxxford. A bunch of the Zegna was 15 mil 15. Tons of good stuff available between 40 and 46. I picked up 2 Isaia sport coats for $800 total. Kiton was about $1200 after discount, Oxxford suits $750, coats $650, Brioni $650, Isaia and Zegna $400-$500. Also...
http://www.shanghaitang.com/shanghai...sp?idsubcat=15 my favorite
I've just about nailed my Jantzen measurements, but with all the recent talk of crappy fabrics I thought it would be great if we had a thread where we posted the #s of fabrics that turned out to be good. I've so far been 0 for 2 on fabrics, but the measurements are there. Any recent successes I should consider for shirt #3?
my god that is hilarious
I traveled over 135,000 miles last year with this and I hardly ever have to use an iron or steamer. http://www.tumi.com/travel_luggage/g...modelid=109548
both the cucinelli vests are pretty sweet looking
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