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Quote: Originally Posted by Parker This is what I call "Suburban Shopping Mall Uomo". Also totally ridiculous. I immediately took my "belt"off. just a little more moose knuckle and this would be perfect. so close.
Quote: Originally Posted by sartorialism Stunning, but maybe a bit too overthought? great point, he over thought a look specifically for a competition about over thinking a look.
it's strange that you care so much about this
I think it typically costs your manhood and dignity
Was in London this past weekend, picked up two pairs of pennies - one calf, one suede - at the C&J in the Burlington Arcade for 400 GBP. When you figure I'm also getting 20% VAT back at the airport, it's a crazy good deal for those of us used to paying $600+ per pair in the US. It was so packed in there on Saturday that they had the door locked and were letting one customer in at a time only when others left.
True story: my (Chinese) wife told her mom she was pregnant a few weeks before we had planned because her mom would not stop harping on her about how fat she was at dinner one night.
anyone going to play DC Universe Online?
when are you going to update this with men's sizes?
not trying to be a dick: outside of WAYWRN posts, does anyone actually wear these?
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