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Was in London this past weekend, picked up two pairs of pennies - one calf, one suede - at the C&J in the Burlington Arcade for 400 GBP. When you figure I'm also getting 20% VAT back at the airport, it's a crazy good deal for those of us used to paying $600+ per pair in the US. It was so packed in there on Saturday that they had the door locked and were letting one customer in at a time only when others left.
anyone going to play DC Universe Online?
when are you going to update this with men's sizes?
not trying to be a dick: outside of WAYWRN posts, does anyone actually wear these?
Quote: Originally Posted by whusurdadi FTFY +1,000
Quote: Originally Posted by NH_Clark lol.. just don't let her ride along for the test drive. That's what killed the deal for me.. I went up an onramp onto the interstate (I93 for those keeping score) and my wife said "Oh, hell no..." I already drove it once with out her. that engine note
Quote: Originally Posted by binge baller. looking good brother.
Quote: Originally Posted by poorsod 5) Conventional wisdom on the AMG boards is to buy the extended limited warranty. Repairs outside warranty are expensive. There is some talk about getting the Chrysler warranty on the AMG boards but YMMV. I'd get the MB warranty instead. Quote: Originally Posted by NH_Clark Their words "don't think of buying one of these without CPO/extended warranty" and expect to pay top dollar for...
the gaying of styleforvm is nearly complete.
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