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Quote: Originally Posted by poorsod So did you pull the trigger? I had to pour in another quart of Mobil 1 the other day and reminded me of this thread. no your oil story scared me...also I decided I want an suv because really, fuck earth. that said, I've now set my sights on an X5 / X5M or Range Rover Supercharged
thank you for affirming that my choice to never purchase alden shoes was indeed the correct one
I don't think it's appropriate to discuss mgmt consulting without mentioning this: http://www.gettingdrunkinfirstclass.com/
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Click the number of votes and all the names who voted for everyone are displayed. rad. I'll go away now forever.
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin People: You don't vote for yourselves how in the fuck do you know who is voting for themselves?
first ever sw&d post...this place seems...nice bespoke bd / uniqlo hoodie / RB11 denim / pam164 / c&j bremner in taupe
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles IM DONE POSTING IN THIS THREAD. STOP IT.
last day before the office remodel, and oh shit I wore lots of blue, so it's SW&D style Friday Challenge bespoke shirt / uniqlo hoodie / RB11 denim / pam164 / c&j bremner in taupe / nex-5 on a&a blue silk cord
wow, really wish these beautiful shoes were in my size so I could get measurements and then disappear and not buy.
Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 - lol @ calling me bi-polar because i disagreed with your opinion on a knot. this is not high school ... we all dont have to agree and circle jerk 100% of the day. stop using the forum to prop your self esteem!! +1
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