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I beat the ever living fuck out of my Panerai and it holds up awesomely. Easily scored for less than 5K and with a rubber or kevlar strap on there, it can take whatever you throw at it.
was in the beta, didn't like it, not buying. there was a guild in the beta named "waiting for SWTOR" - my sentiments exactly.
New boots
Quote: Originally Posted by NH_Clark my dealer is trying to drag me in on a S63 he found on a dealer search .. and the bastard had the MB area finance rep get me a comp visit to an upcoming AMG Driving Academy in CT.. sumabitch trying to bankrupt me... I'll prolly let him next year.. get the s65...that's prolly the nicest sedan in existence, ever.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo I dunno... I have other Aldens (none have been shell though) and they have been fine. So far I have only seen shell with these issues... I hope these don't tear because I don't want to deal with it, especially for $650 shoes. strange...good luck anyway. shit should not happen EVER at that price point.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Worn once... hopefully this does not get worse. It looks over-exaggeratedly bad in the third photo, but still... that fucking sucks and is super wack. are these actually made in china? perhaps made in china would actually be better? wtf? I have about a dozen pairs of C&Js and have never once had anything remotely close to this happen. one pair is 8 years old and has been through a resoling and...
Quote: Originally Posted by poorsod So did you pull the trigger? I had to pour in another quart of Mobil 1 the other day and reminded me of this thread. no your oil story scared me...also I decided I want an suv because really, fuck earth. that said, I've now set my sights on an X5 / X5M or Range Rover Supercharged
thank you for affirming that my choice to never purchase alden shoes was indeed the correct one
I don't think it's appropriate to discuss mgmt consulting without mentioning this:
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Click the number of votes and all the names who voted for everyone are displayed. rad. I'll go away now forever.
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