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I accidentally ordered two of these and was going to return one, but thought I'd put it up here for a slight deal if anyone was interested. It's brand new, never used, ordered from GORUCK directly. I have a ton of backpacks and this is pretty damn close to the best I've ever seen. SOLD, thanks SF
Quote: Originally Posted by web.boards I like the look of Panerai watches. 1. In the $5k price range, what other watches might I look at with a similar style? 2 Would you consider these to be classic watches, by that, I mean that they have the characteristics that will make them remain stylish in the future? Thanks. If you like it, then buy it? who the cares what these fags think?
Was that an Armoury advert I just saw on CNN International? Sorry, I'm blinded by insomnia in France but I'm pretty sure I just saw YFYF talking to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by ndw ^Love your sack. highlight of the day
Quote: Originally Posted by upr_crust Thank you, Spoo, for confirming my Charvet sensor . As per your request, fritzl, a close-up of the boots. The are ostrich leg vamps, and the brand is Star Boots. I photographed them with jeans and with a suit, just for contrast - the suited close up shot was clearer. I'm assuming these came with a stick wrapped in ostrich as well, for beating away the constant stream of pussy these must generate.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker NWT Gianni Versace Couture runway 2008 royal blue pleat detail 100% silk shirt - Yes, this thing is amazing. I know, I know - totally not SF approved but this is a very cool shirt for the right person for the right occasion. (FWIW, I never wore it.... ) Great pleat details on the placket. I can see this really rocking under a white SC in the summer. Buy it here so I dont have to sell it to a Russian mobster on eBay!...
wow, so dozens and dozens of hours of your time is worth less than say, the $200 you would save on these shoes? you sound super important to the continued rotation of planet earth.
all of you guys shitting on baseball hats should totally walk up to someone wearing one next time you are in a bar and politely explain how they should only be worn when playing sports and it makes them look like a child. then, when you pick yourself up off the floor and find your teeth, you will have truly won.
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