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more price drops
price drops
big price drops. open to package deals as well. get at me.
All prices include shipping to anywhere in the US. I'm down to a 40R so this stuff needs to go... Hickey Freeman “Hand Tailored” Gunclub check Tagged 44L Shoulder: 19.5 Sleeve: 24 Length: 33 Button work done by Gary in Beverly Hills $150 NOW $85 Collorossa by Isaia Tan with light blue check Tagged 46R Shoulder: 20 Sleeve: 24 Length: 31 Button work done by Gary in Beverly Hills $100 NOW $60 Brooks Brother Spaulding Smails Edition DB Blazer Solid Navy, Loro Piana S120s...
Al prices include shipping to the US. Turns out I wear sneakers every day and don't need this many C&Js. Thanks for looking. C&J PORTLAND Dark brown calf Size 11.5 E Well worn, but lots of life No box, no trees, no bags $90 C&J ONSLOW Burgundy shell cordovan 325 Last Size 12 E Honestly only worn these about 6-7 times Could never figure out how to care for them properly, in the right hands, as good as new Original box and bags, no trees SOLD C&J Handgrade...
just to calrify because I've wanted these forever, they are a US 12 (), and not a UK 12 (), correct?
Take a peek into MC and see this, shake head, confirms B&S is the really the only reason to visit SF anymore.
FB is a strange place. Today, a friend of a friend of a friend tagged my friend in a photo album that included this picture of a SF member who I do not know, but have seen on here before. Strange and small world.
Quote: Originally Posted by yachtie Probably rooting around in more dumpsters for his wardrobe. oh I get it, his wardrobe is like trash! hilarious, sir!
It's hilarious. There isn't a single man on here (especially in MC), with even a fraction of his gravitas. Maybe that's the reason for all the hate.
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