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Quote: Originally Posted by Rye GB The perfect fit?. The quirky addition of the bow-tie?. Another excellent ensemble. The dead guy from the Rolling Stones with a face like a saggy testicle!!!!! Leave Robert alone. He's a right nice fellow.
Quote: Originally Posted by constant struggle good fit the fade is eh but they are def not too tight at all They don't look any tighter than my 511s.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tooch4321 No, I have a clue, but I also only wear them on the weekends in rotation with my APC NS and SC Okinawas. So, I am oh so sorry I don't meet your high standards of fashion, but I do have to actually wear a suit to work during the week... Tough crowd here, for sure... . Maybe it's that the creases just relax out from lack of wear etc.? That said, tho, even my fairly new Levis soft/rigid 511s, which I know...
At the moment, I'm doing a vintage cranberry-red RL Polo chino windbreaker over a peach Hanes tee, untucked, and dark 511s with a plain dark leather belt. Blue socks, no shoes.
i say gofor it, too. soak the hell otta those suckas!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny_5 Well I just finished soaking my RRDSs and I thought I should share my experience.....Nasty! I gave em a good hot soak inside-out first. When I picked them up out of the water it was like mud was dripping from them. So gross. Then I turned them right-side-out and soaked them again with the same result. I cant believe how much shit has accumulated on my jeans over the past 8 months. Unreal. So...
Rule number one about StyleForum: Don't start a new thread. Rule number two about StyleForum: Don't start a new thread. Rule number three about StyleForum: Don't break rule number one.
Scored on a Goodwill stop-by tonight... RL Polo jacket (the chino/twill kind) in a red, and Banana Republic short zipper jacket, linen/cotton madras. $4.50 each. And they're in nice shape.
History question about Levis? When did they start pre-washing, pre-shrinking, sanforizing, etc.? I'm trying to remember if the 501s I bought in college were raw or prewashed. I'd always soak them in cold water and vinegar before wearing, something I think a sales clerk told me to do and it just kind of stuck with me. But other than noting that my jeans were a dark blue (which I think was about the only option back then, besides black), I paid no attention back then to...
I dunno. I first ordered my Treks in 11 and they fit--I could get my feet into them--but the tightness across the bridge was painful. I exchanged them and went up 1/2 size and now they feel like mocassins. So nice. On the other hand, my Boots at 11 are almost perfect.
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