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It appears you are intending only to get a jacket and use the trousers that you got with your other dinner jacket.  Keep in mind that not all black fabrics are the same shade, and they may mismatch slightly, and this may get pronounced under lighting.  If you are set on proceeding in this manner, you probably will want to bring the trousers along to make sure the match is sufficiently close.
They sure do look like 649s. Might be custom lenses. http://www.persol.com/usa/collections/sun/PO0649/#b
 'Tis the way of the Bedouin.
For starters, a light blue shirt with a navy or burgundy tie.  
Assuming there is a season 4.  I agree with your criticisms.  Also, they never bothered to explain why he removed the fingers.
In the last year or two they started putting some of their on-line items on sale on the website.  
Interesting, I might try this out.  Thanks.   
  Right, I agree.  That's what I said (maybe inartfully).  If it's not sewn together panels of madras fabric, it's not patchwork madras.  
If not sewn together it's not patchwork. As for brands, also check out O'Connells.
Sorry, not a fan.
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