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Any recommendations in or closer to Ft. Lauderdale?
Get galoshes or over soles and just wear them on your leather sole shoes when you go outdoors.
Really enjoyed the movie. Liked that it stuck to the grungier aesthetics of the original movies and avoided the super slick look of the prequels. All the actors I thought were quite good. [[SPOILER]]
Navy is perfectly fine. It's not like your wallet will always be visible, and navy is not that eccentric of a color so as to shock people when you do bust out the wallet. Veterans of the board may remember a certain dark green wallet that was also nice.
True, although the one time that happened to me I called up customer service shortly after placing my order and they upgraded my shipping and refunded the shipping charge. I don't know if they do that as a matter of policy for Shoprunner customers or if I got an accommodating rep.
True, but it is wide in comparison to the 2" or 2.5" (or whatever) ties that were popular earlier in the 60s.
Is the London Lounge working on Dupioni silk?  I took a quick look and didn't find anything.  Also, D, if you do find a matka source, I would be interested, too.  Thanks.
You might want to also look into the larger frame (54 or 56) Persol 649.
I like the idea of a burgundy jacket, but I have never understood the appeal of turn up sleeves.
I'm curious about this as well. Would appreciate an update.
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