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Up for sale- Dockers Alpha Khakis in Dark Pebble. pre owned. Tag size is 32 x 32 but I had it altered to 32 x 29. I bought two of the same color and realized I do not wear it that much. Only worn a few times. Dockers website has this for $68. image- http://tinyurl.com/mtm828p ********************************** ebay link: http://tinyurl.com/m2us5dg **********************************
Harrods Knightsbridge- A luxury house brand from Harrods from England. harrods(dot)com. I have taken as much detailed images to show the quality of this vest / waistcoat. (ebay link below for more images) - Vest / Waistcoat in burgundy / red. - 100% wool - measurement- armpit to armpit: 21 inches (3/16 short of 21inches), length taken from center of the back (top to bottom)- 24inches. Waist measurement taken from the 4th button down across: 18.75 inches. It was given to...
HELLO, do you still have these? I am interested in purchasing. thank you.
Is it weird wearing a nice tailored vest with silk backing (front: dark gray, back: silk dark gold) without a jacket? Casual wear- dark jeans, nice dress shoes with a nice crisp shirt and tie? The satin backing is throwing me off a bit being such a contrast with the front.
When wearing buttoned shirt with jeans and suit jacket, can you wear your shirt collar over the suit lapel or is that a fashion no no?
EBAY BID STARTS AT $34 original is $89 NEW with tag, short sleve, 100% cotton, white, embroidery, HAND MADE Size: MEDIUM: Chest-44, Collar-16, Waist-42, Bottom-44.5 ebay link is right is below: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...%3DI%26otn%3D2
Does anyone supplement their workouts with running to keep the fat down? If you do, do you do run miles or interval sprints. My goal is to gain muscle but not bulk up too much while keeping the fat to a minimum. I lift 3x a week and go for a run after the gym. I usually do interval or superset full body routines. I weighed 187lbs. 6 months ago. Im down to 160ish. Ive lost the weight but cant seem to tighten up the mid section. I am 5'9" btw. Any advice is appreciated....
forgive my ignorance cause im new to running but explain to me the bodies of sprinters compared to marathon runners? How do the sprinters get massive bulk if this is what they do to train?
Does anyone do interval sprints for muscle gains? I run about 9 miles and lift 3x every week. Ive noticed I am having a hard time gaining muscle mass. Does anyone know what a typical interval sprint workout session should be. How long should my runs be and how many sprints should I do per workout?
onion, I do agree they do go over the top with the studs. I guess what im trying to compare with the shoe postings here is not necessarily mark nason but that type of style (not the studs and such but more of the shape of the shoe)- Aldo, etc.
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