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Since he's going to be going to the same place every week (I think), I'd probably take one big ass checked bag the first time and leave it for the duration. Checking once beats carry on and weekend switch outs for 15 straight weeks. Otherwise, I'm in the carry on camp. Thinking about investing in a Red Ox, but haven't needed it yet.
That's quite the home bar, PERhodes.
Man, some of the responses to this thread are depressing. I've got four really close friends that I keep in regular touch with, and expect to for the rest of our lives. We don't talk that often, but email regularly, and vacation together once or twice a year. Lots of other friends come and go, but these four I'll stick with. Probably four or five other guys that are "2nd tier", meaning I'm not quite as close with them as the first four, but at least one of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by DandySF I have two pairs of AEs in chili. It's a reddish brown color that looks especially good with tan and grey pants. I wear it with a couple different shades of tan, and even with some olive green pants, but it would not have occured to me to wear chili shoes with grey pants. Quite the contrast.
0-1. Having small kids does that to you.
Plenty of buyers for MBS - as long as it is coming from the GSEs. Wells has a HUGE mortgage division. All they are doing is cranking out Fannie and Freddie conforming mortgages. Not sustainable, but great business while the refinancing lasts.
That may stop the pirates, globetrotter, but it might also turn what is now straightforward priacy into another holy war. Just what we don't need. You know the frustration level is pekaing when we are once again advocating wiping out entire villages of innocents. I can understand that frustration with thousands of dead americans (9/11), but over ransom money?
Thanks for the tip, gdl. I've been here for years, but I don't read enough, especially on this board, to know the personalities. Underwriting standards for mortgages are much tougher than 18 months ago, but there is still a very active market for conforming mortgages. Just because no one is buying or building doesn't mean folks aren't refinancing. WFC claims to have closed $100M in mortgages in Q1, with another $100M in the pipeline. These numbers can't be covered...
Quote: "exceptionally strong mortgage banking results." This one is the most puzzling and troubling to me. We know, with hard data and facts, that home sales and mortgage issuance is plummeting every day. Where are the revenues coming from in this area? Mr. Marks goes on to cite that WFC's acquisition of Wachovia boosted their results. How on Earth can this be? Wachovia's balance sheet has no subprime mortgage assets that are melting down to...
Can someone tell me which last the Hale is in? I seem to recall it being the #5 (or else I would already own a pair), but need to be sure. On a side note, the Hayward may be the ugliest shoe I've ever seen.
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