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You like Damien Hirst?
It seems to me that, at least in the realm of visual art, what succeeds in the market are the pieces which are the least artistic; e.g., Damien Hirst. I think the government ought to subsidize art, but only good art, in the same way that the Italian nobles of the Renaissance were patrons to the best artists of the time. That would require that the government possess taste and class, though - which is obviously impossible.
Hello again, Just writing to thank you all for the replies; you've provided me with lots of options to consider.
I identify wholeheartedly with the philosophy of Cynicism, so feel perfectly free to sound like a cynic - though I don't really think a devotion to profit squares with the teachings of Diogenes. But personally I could go either way. I "like" too many things for a decision to be easy. I like everything about life and all schools of thought - art and politics, medicine and militarism, philosophy and economics, history and science, music and language, literature and film,...
Preface: I realize that this post might've been better-suited for the General section, but I'd rather have the opinions of the sorts of men who are concerned on a daily basis with affairs of, "Current Events, Power and Money," as that's the realm of mindset and lifestyle I'd like to enter. What route have you gone? If you could do it all over again, would you do exactly as you did - or would you change something fundamental, or tweak something about it to better adapt...
Quote: Originally Posted by BBSLM lol this isnt 1984. you want some type of a pomade or cream. I don't recall reading anything about hairspray in Orwell's nightmarish vision of a future totalitarian dystopia.
Oh, this so precious. Just wear a relatively nice shirt (long-sleeve and collar open) with jeans or khakis and some Florsheim ankle boots. That's the best you can do for now. Unless you can convince your parents to send you to a better school.
Ick. Nothing scented, nothing "wet" - I just need something to keep my dry and natural, no-other-product-used style from flipping and flapping and flopping away in the lightest of breezes. Recommendations please?
Buffets are a vulgar concept. Dinnertime is fulfilled sufficiently by a single well-prepared dinner - who needs four or five, and all spooned-out of a tray as if dining at a prison?
If one's highest priority in dressing is to appeal to women, then just tape stacks of money to your naked skin and confidently stride into their midst.
New Posts  All Forums: