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Quote: Originally Posted by BBSLM lol this isnt 1984. you want some type of a pomade or cream. I don't recall reading anything about hairspray in Orwell's nightmarish vision of a future totalitarian dystopia.
Oh, this so precious. Just wear a relatively nice shirt (long-sleeve and collar open) with jeans or khakis and some Florsheim ankle boots. That's the best you can do for now. Unless you can convince your parents to send you to a better school.
Ick. Nothing scented, nothing "wet" - I just need something to keep my dry and natural, no-other-product-used style from flipping and flapping and flopping away in the lightest of breezes. Recommendations please?
Buffets are a vulgar concept. Dinnertime is fulfilled sufficiently by a single well-prepared dinner - who needs four or five, and all spooned-out of a tray as if dining at a prison?
If one's highest priority in dressing is to appeal to women, then just tape stacks of money to your naked skin and confidently stride into their midst.
Agreed*. Slightly too small can become, after a few wearings and a few weeks with shoe trees in, perfectly form-fitting. But there's nothing to do about shoes that are slightly too big - unless you want to wear Christmas stockings with them. * - With StephenStyle. Jay beat me to the reply.
I don't really see the point of a pure-black pocket square. A white pocket square has a function - that of being neutral whilst clearly showing-off the quality of the silk and the skill of its folder. Black would also be neutral, but the light would do much less with it; it will look like a shadow peeking out from your pocket. In what ensemble would a pure-black square look better than a white one?
Pink, toned down with enough gray, could work as a series of specks on a sport coat, or stripes on seersucker shirts or trousers, I think. Oh - and pink of any sort on pocket squares, naturally.
JL - I don't disagree with those sentiments. As I wrote, I like the technique pictured, but wouldn't wear them myself. I suppose it would've been more accurate for me to write that I am bored with the way I fold pocket squares (than I am with the folds themselves.) If I knew better how flourish is accomplished, I reasoned, then I could subtly incorporate the principles into my method without carrying them to the same extent. There are undoubtedly better pictures...
Very handsome photos abound of men who've cultivated organic, flowing, blooming but restrained volumes with their silk squares - but I don't have much luck trying to freestyle that sort of thing myself. All the folding guides online lack any of those sorts of folds - nothing floral, nothing rippling, nothing very louche; it's all so mathematical and squared-off, except for a puff fold, but I can never get those to hold an interesting design for very long. Seems all I can...
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