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I'm not so sure about the paying part considering how the jag was skewered in episode 4. I would hang my head if I were Jaguar. It's Anglophile/nostalgic love on the part of the trio.
Quote: Originally Posted by airblaster503 Agreed. I hated how you couldn't specialize your character as much with the skills, and I hated the leveling of enemies you encounter. Sure lots of people hated Morrowind at the beginning because you could get killed by someone much stronger than you, but that is part of why I liked it, it was more difficult. Oblivion had better graphics, but Morrowind was a much better game all around. Really hoping Skyrim is...
Ouchtime, population pitt. On another note, the Big east is just awful and overrated. They are seriously getting exposed and deserve any repercussions in next year's rankings - API, AP, whatever. On an ironic note, go UConn!
i was born and raised in san francisco, and i still live there. A lot of the gripe about my city are correct: the homeless, the lack of things to do, etc. but the comparisons to LA or even new york are unfair. San Francisco is limited by its physical space; therefore it's more appropriate to include some of the other cities in the bay area when weighing the two. Also, the lack of urban sprawl is refreshing and beneficial for the sights if not sorely replaced by cramped...
Complete with a bibliography too! cite your sources, my teachers always told me. Yea the piece is pretty crazy and by no means "masterful" to my understanding. I'll describe it aptly as wild and possibly deranged but philosophical never the less. Of course, I skimmed a few pages of it only - nihilism depresses the shit out of me.
the outfield - your love bring back the 80s'
Quote: Originally Posted by deadly7 I had a similar "what if?" thought the other day. Christian Bale makes for a great Bruce Wayne and Batman. His voice is just awful. They should have gotten Kevin Conroy to do voiceovers for Batman. He is the Batman from The Animated Series. i looked up conroy and i disagree. Some fans have tried to dub his voice over clips of live action Batman movies and it simply does not work. Too campy, with no cross...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pennglock No. Am I the only one who thinks this will be a shitty movie? christopher nolan has done no wrong so far so any notion of shitty movie is unwarranted, though i'm not a fan of the title.
i go off episodes on streetfire.net. Just google top gear on google and there it is.
for infringement reasons, a lot of the decent (illegal) movie streaming sites change names so often i can't keep track sometimes. torrent, rent, use xbox live netflix otherwise imo.
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