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Flannel DB would be boss. Saw and old pic of Jeffrey D's flannel DB and I've been obsessed with it since.
Don't recall, but this is one of the reasons, among many others, why I go bespoke, even if it means I can only afford three pieces as opposed to 10 ill-fitting and uncomfortable ones.This is awesome. I'm thinking about my next commission either being a peak or a DB.
That was my one regret at my wedding. I had bought a brand new tie from Barney's, and it was thicker than I usually wear, and had the damnedest time trying to get that perfect dimple that looks effortless. I failed. But aside from those in the know, no one noticed....except me!
I read it the summer before I started med school, which is....jeebus...12 years ago now. Wow I'm getting old
Or polyuria
In the wild And while Chris is a magician, I don't think anyone can beat this draping: And here's an previous commission at the rehearsal:
Some more
I had the great pleasure of commissioning my wedding suit with Chris last year. Finally got some free time, so here's some Despos fitting pics and the final product.
Hey guys, I'm in Barcelona for next three days. Any recommendations for Spanish fashion, particularly shoe boutiques?
I'm making a point that after going both routes, my bespoke fits better than my MTM, and having the hindsight, I would have gone down that road waaaay earlier (i.e. I wasted money on 2-3 MTM that could have gone to one bespoke).It is true that not all bespoke is the be all and end all. However, without getting into a discussion of which MTM is better than whom bespoke, I think that we would all agree ( those of us who have done both will likely have more weight to our...
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