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Hi everyone!     Could you help me and our team of craftsmen?     Would be eternally grateful if you'd take the time to vote your favourite belt buckle from these. We have to decide what prototype introduce next.     Please vote the style and the design of the buckle, not its finishing.   Thank you so much, I appreciate also your opinions and comments.     1 - T120 Belt width 20 mm.       2 - T121   Belt width 25 mm.       3 -...
 I think I can help, nothing is impossible ;-).Check PM
 and finally the prototype has been completed. There are some small blemishes to adjust, but for a first try it looks good.What do you think?    and now, after a long work, some well-deserved rum and cigar ;-)Cheers! 
Hi all, this is our ongoing bespoke project for a customer in Philadelphia. He is looking for a small, customized, leather attache case just for his phone, other electronic and 8"x10" documents in size only. He doesn't like carrying a large attache case, like these:         he wants it slim, no more than 3" when closed, and approx 12"1/2 x 9"1/2. It's for everyday use.     Sounds strange for us but he told us that it took many hours of searching and cross...
Thank you for the link. Enlarging with Photoshop helps :-)   I'll send you a PM
Bally isn't made in Italy. It's a Switzerland brand. If you want to taste the authentic Italian quality I can help creating a custom made bag, exactly as you wish, both in design and materials. Everything is handmade and made-to-measure.  
The photo is extremely small, can you post the link ?
it doesn't seem real leather to me, but having some pictures is quite easy recreate a replica
        Made by IoUomo - made to measure and bespoke Italian shoes
It isn't an Italian brand, as written in your title. Your thread is correct, it is a UK retail clothing
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