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Can anyone give me some recs on good bourbons/ryes for old fashioneds? What are your favorites? I'm looking to give something new a try. Thanks.
Guerlain L'instant today. I'm really liking it in this cold weather.
There is almost no way that they'll get back together. Don Draper will clearly be on his third wife by the time he drops dead circa 1985. The future of the new firm is far more interesting to me. It seems plausible that Don is no longer that great. Remember when he wasn't into the VW ads? Time might be about to pass him by. The show would be a disaster if they are immediately a huge, smashing success by the beginning of season 4.
Anyone watch Betty on SNL? That was painful.
I've always seen Don ending up with Peggy. Betty and Henry are obviously a disaster waiting to happen.
Quote: Originally Posted by Albern Thanks for finding that song during the elevator scene. BTW does anyone know what song was playing at the end? It sounded like Elvis to me. Roy Orbison.
I vote Unitas.
Betty looked particularly excellent tonight. I think it was a good idea to show Don as somewhat fallible. His constant stream of alpha male-ness was straining believability. Cooper is AWESOME.
I have a question for the bourbon afficionados on this board. I really enjoy the "antique" Weller that is 107 proof. In my local liquor store there is also a bottle of Van Winkle 10 year 107 proof. It is roughly twice the price of the Weller. How does the Van Winkle compare to the Weller? They are both from the same company and come in similiar bottles with the same characteristics (wheated bourbon at the same proof), so I'm hesitant to shell out extra money before I...
1. Beethoven 2. Mahler 3. Rachmaninoff 4. Brahms 5. Bruckner
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