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 Sure thing!
  Looking forward to hearing from you @New Shoes1 
Finished Watch strap for @Murlsquirl:      
 Thank you @Murlsquirl! Looking forward to the next project of yours! Will post some photos of the finished strap in just a bit
PL is uncompromisingly committed to enabling @Murlsquirl's impending watch addiction.   The beginnings of a custom watch strap.  
Photos of the final bifold:  
Monday morning Bifold project bits and pieces  
Quick update with some recent custom order stuff:              
The finished product! Off she goes!   Black x Yellow Mysore - Yellow Linen thread. 6 Cardslots in an orientation similar to the Pierpont Small Cardholder But this time Including a full length pocket large enough for unfolded Japanese banknotes.
Finishing this today:  
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