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yeah, I can't wait for this Jansport backpack fad to die out. it'll be like a flash in the pan
I have a general idea of the sorts of clothes I am in the market for. I do a lot of looking around to see what I like most, then slowly put my wardrobe together, waiting until I see something I've been waiting for at a cheap price.
April was pretty much the worst month to do this. My tax return is larger than I thought it would be, too, but I'm gonna stick this one out!
the only way you can get away with wearing them is if you are sincerely expressing solidarity with the Palestinians. they are dead as a fashion accessory. i've only seen them on middle school kids recently
Nice. I'm jealous, the Ross stores near me are always filled with garbage, and Marshalls are not much better. TJ Maxx usually has raw RRL, though it's typically slim bootcut
dang we're gonna need some running water for all these lukewarm burns
I started my April early and dangit, it is so hard
Can I get away with cuffing or stacking chinos, or do I need to get these hemmed?
I've tried it, and it is not a good look
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