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Some people have different proportions, so I guess you just have shorter legs and a longer torso or something. You should buy the pair you want and get it hemmed though, rather than buying your 3rd or 4th choice based entirely on length.
my shoes just arrived from WhateverYouLike, and the buying experience was a pleasant one
I was just being cute because I assumed it to be a spam post. If this thread is sincere, I apologize
Yes you should buy Crate denim instead. I guarantee it's better and for the same price or less from various retailers with the Style Forum discount
finally got some action after a long dry spell
Quote: Originally Posted by APK Legit question: why are you here? Almost all of your posts since that February NPC thread have been incredibly hostile toward this place and the people who post here. I don't agree with some of the trends and habits of this place, but even I don't understand why someone who seems to disdain this forum so much spends any time here. From what I can tell, 2sweet had his delicate feelings hurt by jet and is...
PM sent re: the shoes
I dunno, to me wolves seem better than bears
wow, this thing blew up and their servers cannot handle it at all
I don't have any weapons but I usually finish fights with full health
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