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Not unless it's a femme frame to begin with. I personally dislike most gold frames because I don't like flashy sunglasses, but that's just me
Invest in a punching bag
Back right pocket. Pickpocketing is not very common where I live.
Posting some pictures might redeem you, but if you are wearing button-ups and sweaters to highschool, my guess is that you look bad and try too hard.
Quote: Originally Posted by CTGuy Seriously? How about a picture or something. But then where would the mystery be?
his Flickr is now
I run in Asics. For athletics, looks take a backseat
honestly dude, if this is just a daytrip that you'll probably never repeat, I'd just drop by any supermarket and grab a straw hat. otherwise, check out your local REI or sportsman store
yea if the people you hang out with wear skater shoes, those are pretty good ones. but in the context of the clothing on this forum, those are a no-go
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