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if you're looking for a more mature look, I'd definitely recommend boots for footwear. A couple good choices: Clark's Desert Boots in beeswax. I prefer Banana Republic's discontinued Sahara Boots Red Wings Gentleman's Travelers. Also available in a beautiful reddish brown. LL Bean Engineer Boots. A waterproof version, though slightly thicker and less stylish, is also available. Boots are an especially good way to go if you prefer denim.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin They probably would be if you had lots of stuff in it. I didn't find them to be any trouble though, but I was only carrying < 5-7 lbs of gear and food. Ahh, gotcha. Thanks for the advice.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin I had one for awhile that I used for carrying stuff around rivers while fishing. Great pack, but I don't think I'd want to use for it everyday use. Are the straps as uncomfortable as they look, then? Or was it something else?
yay verily yay
Do any of you bagwhores have experience with the Filson Rucksack? I'm looking for a stylish backpack (rugged is a bonus) and I think I want it. I apologize for it not really counting as a manbag
Never. I did know a guy a few years ago who actually looked decent in women's jeans though
Nope. I have a few nice pieces, but I'm several pounds and additional items away from earning my Stylish Blue Ribbon
I love western shirts. I bought some Arizona ones a while ago that had a surprisingly nice fit, though the materials and construction were obviously subpar.
Nothing beats NY pizza with good ingredients
I'm all about tuna, broccoli, and a little bit of cheddar cheese on top
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