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Quote: Originally Posted by Chris Benson Nah, eh?, I'm no American ya hoser. oh I get it, you're Australian
and if Teger can't participate, I submit his idea. booya
hahaha damnit
Are you focusing on online or in-store sales with this? I think it'd be cool to cash in the green trend, where a lot of women get totes for grocery shopping, instead of paper or plastic bags. Like, give away a Farinelli's tote with any women's purchase, and anytime they come in with the tote for their sale, they get a 5/10% discount, as do anybody they bring with them or something. If you can pull off a good-looking bag it could spark interest on its own.
You should keep your eye on Buy&Sell for dress shoes, you can sometimes find Allen Edmonds and Loakes for around the price you paid for those.
If she's in college and has a good sense of humor, you should get her one and just bedazzle the shit out of it.
Andrew, I doubt your account will last long if your contributions do not extend beyond plugging your webstore.
Let me just confirm the parameters of your desired footwear: No sneakers, no dress shoes, no boots. Right? I guess go with some boat shoes, but I really think you are limiting yourself too much and way overthinking it. EDIT: Could you try to find more stuff you like in WAYWT?
This boot is the civilian version of combat gear we developed with the U.S. military. It includes multiple innovations created specifically for the Elite Special Forces. Lightweight and athletically inspired, it offers the comfort of prime urethane shock absorption and the climate control of a moisture wicking liner. The vulcanized rubber sole includes directional lug geometry and provides wet/dry traction on both smooth and rough terrain. Meets US Army Uniform Spec...
Additionally, I would recommend spending some more time looking around the forums yourself, and seeing what you like. I'm sure you'll be much happier with a style that, while influenced by the forums, is one you have more ownership of. the What Are You Wearing Today thread, stickied at the top of Streetwear will give you tons of great ideas. is a good starting place for footwear.
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