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Quote: Originally Posted by Chris Benson Nah, eh?, I'm no American ya hoser. oh I get it, you're Australian
and if Teger can't participate, I submit his idea. booya
hahaha damnit
Are you focusing on online or in-store sales with this? I think it'd be cool to cash in the green trend, where a lot of women get totes for grocery shopping, instead of paper or plastic bags. Like, give away a Farinelli's tote with any women's purchase, and anytime they come in with the tote for their sale, they get a 5/10% discount, as do anybody they bring with them or something. If you can pull off a good-looking bag it could spark interest on its own.
I say we tax food by like 50%, since rampant obesity in the USA is responsible for so much of our health care costs. edit: Huh. Let's just euthanize people when they hit 77 instead.
Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh Straight to the point question. It's generally accepted that he was exempt from true objective scrutiny during the primaries. Do you think this is good for our country and should continue into his Presidency? I agree with you that the press has been relatively easy on him. But I look at it as an indictment of how worthless our media has become overall, rather than their fascination with Obama. That they'd...
What's with this "The One" business, do you really think anybody on this board thinks he's Political Jesus?
You should keep your eye on Buy&Sell for dress shoes, you can sometimes find Allen Edmonds and Loakes for around the price you paid for those.
If she's in college and has a good sense of humor, you should get her one and just bedazzle the shit out of it.
Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh "Which will happen first - Iraq becomes a stable democracy with a murder rate lower than Washington DC's or Chrysler becomes a profitable car company and pays back its federal loans?" I don't know, does anyone? Haha, that sentence by itself is a pretty good summary of how out of whack the whole article is. Let's have a race between two events set half a decade apart!
New Posts  All Forums: