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Quote: Originally Posted by Mark_Y I see Zappos, Revolve, Brooks and some others. No RRL though. Or am I in the wrong place? Right place, but you have to be in the Sw&D buy&sell forum
Help! How do I iron clothes?
maybe twice if I hadn't worn it longer than a few hours. but usually once
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark_Y Got it. That makes more sense. Just in case...... I'm looking for a 29X31 or 32. You can also click the rrl tag at the bottom of the forum.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark_Y Please share where RRLs can be had new for $70. Thanks. Feel free to PM if you want. If you want to look for them yourself, TJ Maxx is probably your best bet.
Also, for denim, since it sounds like you aren't in any rush to get a pair of jeans, I would recommend watching the Buy & Sell forum for a pair of RRLs. For what they usually sell for on there, the value is outstanding.
I have a white belt and big square white dress shoes. i bought them as a joke, but they still qualify
Wow, I did not expect this much shit talk about him being a young father. Anyways, my main recommendation to anybody looking to get mature in their footwear is a nice pair of boots. Red Wings GTs or Iron Rangers, LL Bean Engineer boots, and Clark's Desert Boots/BR Sahara Boots are all nice choices. If you're looking for something more sleek, RMW Craftsman will fit the bill.
Quote: Originally Posted by robertorex no I definitely feel like a dbag whenever I have to explain why I prefer selvage. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks so. really? how are you explaining it if not just "I like the way it looks."?
wow, those Timberlands. I didn't think it was possible to hate shoes before seeing those
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