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Aha! The Costco across town has some and are holding them for me. Success!
Ahhh! Four Costcos in town, only one carries them, and they are out of stock!
simply an incredible collection
Thanks for the heads up and the additional info from lee_44106. I'll be sure to stop by my local Costco tomorrow
Quote: Originally Posted by ethanlee29 check the wings+horns feature at some shots there appreciated but in the interview they're talking about the Fall '08 line and I expect the pictures reflect that
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro true. I have to go to Vegas twice a year and I dread it because of the strip. No one ever wants to go to red rock or anything! next time you come to Vegas you should holler at me if you want to go camping or hiking. there are a lot of great spots around the valley, and I could probably wrangle up enough spare gear for a few people.
I didn't know there was an anime about denim!
yea I know, I'm just a sucker for actually seeing how things fit. Plus it never hurts to have an excuse for going out to the Strip
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro Barneys is trying to get out of their lease in Vegas. I am good friends with the mens denim buyer and they are doing a lot with RRL. Right now RRL is the best preformer in Barneys and in the Ralph stores. Wow, already? They only got here last year. I'm going to miss having a place nearby to try on RRLs and other good denim
I'm not seeing RRSHOP or rrlshop. RRalphyStore is the closest I have found so far. help!
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