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Thanks a bunch for all of the input and suggestions so far. Quote: Originally Posted by Englandmj7 Did you search for threads such as this? http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=64151 That thread did not turn up when I hit the boots tag, but I did see it the other day and don't need professional-grade safety boots. I'm required to wear them as a part of my uniform, but I wanted advice on ones for hot as balls weather. edit: I just ran...
Walking around is the exact purpose. I wear a GPS on my back and walk around city parks to map them out. To get more specific, I guess, I'll be walking through brush and on grass, rocks, and dirt, and I might get sprayed by sprinklers a little bit. I also meant to say that I'm willing to spend up to $200.
I'm in need of new black or brown work boots, for a job that has me walking around outside for 9 hours a day in what will soon be 110-120 degree heat. I don't know shit about boots, so I thought maybe you folks could recommend me a pair up to $200. Let me know if I fucked anything up with this thread, as I'm obviously very new.
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