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I don't like coffee, so I go with the expensive route of energy drinks. I prefer Monster and pretty much any flavor of Amp. When I've pulled an all nighter or two, I drink Spike. That stuff is insane. You're never supposed to exceed one 8 oz can a day, and I read a news story about some high school kids out in California dying from drinking too much of it. One time I got pulled over by a HWP officer in California with a case of Monster in my backseat. I asked him if...
I wear bandanas for work, I should have jumped on this and made it real authentic workwear. Just imagine how stylish those sweat stains would have been.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll Men's Clothing Boy's Clothing haha, I love this idea
cool, I love me some image spamming
Why not Men's Clothing and Casual & Denim?
Quote: Originally Posted by buyer's remorse if you find yourself in the position where you have to tell people you're not a troll, you're probably a troll. What if you're just really ugly?
Forget True Religion, 7 for all Mankind, Diesel, and all of that garbage. You are paying too much for a shoddy product. Since you live in LA, you have the good fortune of being near Secret Service. Stop by the store and try on some Crate jeans. Their affiliate thread:
e-mail sent regarding the shoeshine box. edit: sorry, I sent it with no subject
The top part is too busy and eye-grabbing, which I do not like.
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 As a public service to my dear friends at SF , and in respons to a bunch of PM's, if you have a local Costco, call and ask about the trees. The item number for the Costco trees is 272871 Have FUN! by the way, thanks a lot for the item number. it was a big help in my quest for shoe trees
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