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I'm getting married in May, and I'm having a hard time with suits for my five groomsmen. I'm buying their accessories, but they will have to purchase their own suits, as well as black shoes and white shirts if they don't already have them. The difficulty lies in finding suits in their price range. Can anyone kindly recommend a good source for two-piece charcoal suits at around $200-250?
Quote: Originally Posted by chrismgtis Depends on your style. "My" style recommendation would be almost anything from BKE/Buckle. You could also check Kohls for Helix t-shirts (great prices) and Tony Hawk jeans. Helix t-shirts are much like what you can get at Buckle, but for 1/5th of the price. You can get button up shirts for about $25, which would cost you $100 from Buckle. Tony Hawk's are pretty comfortable and can be stylish, but not near as...
I don't usually wear one pair of shoes more than once a week, but if I had to choose my favorite pair, for the summer months it'd have to be my Zuriick Ake slip-ons. once the fall hits, my Alden Indy boots will probably dominate
I wear them in dry 114 degree weather and it's fine.
Sasha Grey is way too classy for this show
It's been already been said, but do not wear a suit while you're here. You will be absolutely miserable. If you post your wardrobe, maybe people can make recommendations from that and save you some dollar bills.
i gotta throw a vote in for mos def. true magic never happened.
It's your fiancee's family, why aren't you asking her?
he means the people who are out of the club because they bought something
I'm in!
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