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would moving the buttons a small amount work?
Wondering if it is possible to make a dress shirt slightly larger in the body? Maybe like half an inch or maybe an inch?
Casual Fridays J Crew Barn Jacket Uniqlo OCBD Allen Edmonds Belt Uniqlo Pants Wolverine Addisons Moto X (just got it and love the phone haha)
that is unfortunate about the armhole sizing. would probably be a dealbreaker unless i tailor but then the prices are pretty close to BB ESF when BB has their semi annual sales
the waist seems much slimmer on the lands end, wonder if they just measured it at a different place
any updates to this? Wanting to know how to fits compared to BB ESF
uniqlo dress shirts on sale for 19.90 this week? anyone have any experience about quality?
i swore off buying clothes for a couple weeks until this sale sigh
Looking for ludlow 36s in either navy/charcoal wool only or anything with a similar modern slim fit in 36s
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