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some .jp colourways skookum スタジャン skookum 通販 skookum意味 some pretty wild customs full leather, buffalo nickel buttons and so on I would however assume any other body shapes, full melton, marl ribbing, zippers etc .. will add cost and may be difficult unless we all order the same thing but id be curious about further options
yup in
specs for original order are on page one allowing only colors from the 'American extracurricular athletic spectrum ' and metal snaps not sure if that has changed until theres 6 people we wont find out '
I'd be down ordered a little large last run curious if other styles are available would love a surcoat
I tried on a few spring things at son of stag in london ended up with a ticking stripe chambray cardigan quality is impeccable although pricey size wise i felt most of it was on par with eg/post
i chose my tweed from the donegal yarns website and quoted the number took extra time as they had to order the wool ill be in if i can get tweed regarding size they are true you order a 42 thats what the chest will measure standard length is 27 inches at the time you could adjust that and the sleeves stretching is minimal to none because of its thickness I think a looser fit is more appropriate
I managed to order an aran from Inverallan and was very pleased with the experience the wait is worth it amazing to think a single person knits every one over 90 hours of knitting i believe they also offer different yarns for example i chose a tweed wool is that possible for this order zissou?
mine arrived fit is spot on annoyingly it arrived soaking wet still drying out as we speak and big thanks to shoreman and mauro for making this happen can't wait to head into town, pound some brewskis, pick a fight with a townie and drive to makeout point with the hottest cheerleader i can find
whatever drooling already nametags look sweet
i'd just like to add 'woo hoo' also
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