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Not from a film, just him out and about:
^ She looks happy
I quite like the look of these. I prefer that the stitching isn't white on the leather parts.I may use this photo to have a pair made like these.
I bought a pair of RBs in 2006 from a duty free store at an airport. They lasted about 1.5 years before the lenses started to frost (is the best way to describe). As a result, I will never buy another pair. I use them when I use a scooter and if I lost them, I wouldn't care. The gold finish on the frame has even worn off now.
Denim suits? Like this monstrosity:
Will this take off at the fashion houses?
People tell me Beckham is the best dressed around. The sleeves look a little long and that shoulder or his arm slightly protruding doesn't look right to me.
There was a poster on another thread a couple of years ago or so, singing the praises of World Group Tailors located at All Seasons Place. I paid them a visit last year and they told me it would be approx 15,000 baht for canvas suit, if I brought my fabric in. I have had a few suits made with Narin. The last one I brought some John Foster fabric in. They were fused. I have never had any issues with alterations from him either. One jacket needed some work and I took it...
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