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Will this take off at the fashion houses?
People tell me Beckham is the best dressed around. The sleeves look a little long and that shoulder or his arm slightly protruding doesn't look right to me.
There was a poster on another thread a couple of years ago or so, singing the praises of World Group Tailors located at All Seasons Place. I paid them a visit last year and they told me it would be approx 15,000 baht for canvas suit, if I brought my fabric in. I have had a few suits made with Narin. The last one I brought some John Foster fabric in. They were fused. I have never had any issues with alterations from him either. One jacket needed some work and I took it...
The designs look good. But it's a shame they use real fur (correct me if it's faux fur). For that I could never purchase or recommend.
Thought I would bump this thread with this monstrosity:
Someone saying one should dress their age? So what is the age difference between Pitt and the previous guy?
All the rage in Mexico apparently.
Thanks for the responses and sarcastic ones too. I have some new photos. I was unaware of the low shoulder and thought it was purely the cut of the suit as opposed to the person's body. Any thoughts overall? Click on the photo to get a bigger image: Cheers
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