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Clubs and bars: Underground, Rockit, Manor, Hub or Sub 51 Restaurants: as mentioned earlier, too many to mention without specifics
I managed to get the last pair of 10's in nut brown, I hope they fit as good as they look.
Margiela Spurr RRL/Polo Alden PRPS J.Crew 45rpm John Smedley Neil Barrett Quiksilver
Do you have any of the RRL Oxfords with the J.Press-like flap/button pocket in size XL? If so, what colors? Thanks in advance
Anyone know who might have the RRL ocbd with the J.Press style flap/button pocket in size XL in blue or blue/white strip? Thanks!
Hotel Costes today(and tonight)
Prps are my favorite jeans. I'm certainly in the minority here, but their Impala/Loose cut is one of my favorites. The have some really great washes but often go a little too far by adding a stain, paint splatter, or hole that isn't necessary. I quite like the knee darts, a unique, dsitinctive feature. Denim and construction is top notch.
I picked up 2 Fred Perry polos at the Chicago UO for $19.99 each.
CC, does Persol make a bigger size to is 2931 model than 53? I love the shape of these but they are just too small fro me in 53mm. Any help appreciated?
Quote: Originally Posted by daft You know you've hit bottom when Landon Donovan calls you out on poor leadership +1,000
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